My colleague is a skilled and compassionate practitioner of Functional Medicine. She has a deep knowledge of BioIdentical Hormone Replacement and body rhythms, allowing her to offer the best in chronic disease prevention and treatment.


I went through menopause at a very young age. My last period was right after my 46th birthday. Around that same time, I had also learned that I had an autoimmune disease that mirrored many of the signs and symptoms of menopause.

I went from doctor to doctor looking for a “natural” solution to my menopausal symptoms but got doctors who either didn’t want to discuss “natural” or they simply couldn’t be “bothered” with a 46 year old woman who was menopausal. Very often, I was sent home with “the pill” or a “patch” that left me bloated, tired, and cranky. This went on for close to ten years when I finally just settled on Premerin. I wasn’t too excited about taking that particular drug, but had given up on ever finding the right fit in a doctor and a hormone.

Then I met Dr. Tina Discepola! At my first appointment, we went over my health history including all of the various hormones I had tried. Dr. Tina felt the Wylie Protocol (a Bio-Identical HRT) would be the right fit for me.

I’ve been on the WP for almost two months and feel AMAZING! Honestly, it’s been life changing for me. All of my menopausal symptoms are gone, and so are all of the autoimmune symptoms. I feel like I did when I was in my twenties. And, as a bonus, I feel happy! Looking back, I can now see that I was depleted of hormones. Literally, running on empty.

Dr. Tina has changed my life! Not just with the hormones, but she listened to my story and genuinely seemed interested in my menopause, hormone history and all of the other health/female related issues that we talked about. It’s been very difficult to find a doctor that wants to listen to and understand my menopause, but now I have and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Tina Discepola, you won’t be sorry!


Dr Tina is an inspiration to me. She has been a health-life-coach to me for over 20 years. Her integrated approach to medicine and wellness through nutritional and vitamin therapy, acupuncture, healthy eating/nutritional advice,coupled with her professional medical training makes her so completely competent.

And to top it off she is compassionate and emphatic as a practitioner…. You know you are in the most qualified of hands with Dr Tina. There is just is no one else like her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Dr. Discepola has provided care to my family for 3 years now. She turned around my Dad’s grim prognosis from Pancreatic cancer early on, and was there to assist him every step of the way. She is a rare breed of medical doctor who doesn’t hesitate to think outside the box. She completely understands and treats the mind-body-spirit connection. Whereas the traditional doctors frown upon chiropractic care in general, Dr Discepola embraces it and fully integrates it into her practice.


I came to see Dr. Discepola after a year and a half of living with a chronic illness that had taken away my chances of a normal life.

Prior to hearing about her, I had seen dozens of health professionals who all simply wasted my time and money while my illness progressed. But from the day I met Dr. Discepola, I have experienced constant improvement in my health and my life in general because of it. She put a smile back on my face. Literally.

The treatment plan was designed specifically for me, and included a very detailed understanding of every aspect of my illness and my lifestyle, and had nothing to do with the same old story of masking symptoms with drugs. On the contrary, Dr. Discepola practices “restoring health”, unlike most doctors who just try to “help you cope without it”. And despite the odds that dozens of other doctors gave me- she did restore my health and gave me my life back.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Discepola to anyone who wants to get their health back and is exhausted of struggling with symptoms alone instead of aiming for overall health and wellbeing.


After a very stressful life transition in my early 50’s I began to feel unwell. Along with muscle and joint pain, thinning hair, back pain, and general fatigue I had digestive and sleep issues.

My GP tested my thyroid and found it to be low. When I didn’t respond to Synthroid (because the T3 and T4 levels weren’t balanced) I looked for a holistic physician who would treat my health rather than my symptoms.

Dr. Tina Discepola was, and is, wonderful. She adjusted my dosage and put me on natural thyroid meds that have worked wonders. All symptoms have disappeared, and I’m back to my normal, energetic self. As an artist specializing in animal portraits I have to be on my feet much of the day.

Having just turned 60 I’m very grateful to Dr Tina for guiding me back to good health.

She’s also easy to talk to, totally open and friendly, and warm. I’m sticking with Dr. Tina!