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If you are like me, you do not want any additional toxins entering your body. I’m careful about the products I buy. (That’s why I use Arbonne!)

Please read this long list of lipsticks that were tested for lead. The FDA sets the upper limit of lead in lipsticks is 0.1ppp.

Hmmm, so if you apply lipstick 4 times daily… is that 0.4 total for the day ok? NOT What if your 3 year old plays with your lipgloss?? Hmmm…

Sounds like FDA states that a little lead is ok. Of course! They also said that a little arsenic in apple juice is OK. Does anyone remember the on-screen battle between FDA and Dr. Oz??

Be proactive. Take a stand. Why would you spend your hard-earned dollars on a product that is potentially toxic?

Honestly, do we need a study to tell us continued, daily, repeated use of lead on our lips may be harmful?

I think not!

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