5 Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Guide

It’s official, the holiday season has arrived! My 5 favorite things for this month is my Holiday Gift Guide. There’s something for everyone on this list. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect gift, check out my favorite gift ideas for a happy, healthy holiday season.

Road to Home Rescue Support

1. Everyone has that one difficult family member or friend that is simply impossible to shop for. They either have everything they need and want or receiving gifts makes them feel uncomfortable. Here is a great idea. Make a donation in that person’s name to a non-for-profit, such as a pet rescue group…or any other group that would matter to them. I would highly recommend Road to Home Rescue Support. They have been so incredibly supportive and active in helping me locate a home for a family pet in the NY area.

2. How about practical gift-giving this season using your local shopkeepers and business owners? This is always a win-win. Great ideas include a a month of housekeeping, an oil change and tune-up at your local gas station, a hair salon certificate from your local salon. Do you know someone who bakes or makes chocolates, or prepares home cooked meals, or knows how to knit crochet? How about placing your holiday orders with them? It’s a great way for you to help network very small business owners and tradesmen, and your gift recipients will appreciate the gift so much more.


3. Bring the beauty of green indoors during the long, cold, dark winter with the gift of an Aerogarden. Grow your own herbs and small veggies aeroponically all year long with these re-usable kits…all made from recyclable materials. I love giving the gift of sustainable and green!

4. If you are truly in gift giving mode and would like to help out in even the smallest of ways, visit GoFundMe.com. There is bound to be a cause or memorial that will capture your attention. There will be no thank you card, parade, or trophy in your name for that donation. All you will have is the satisfaction that a couple of your dollars went towards helping a stranger in need.


5. Promote activity and fitness by inviting your friends and family (and your self!) to become a part of the FitBit family. It’s all the rage. Let’s promote fitness and wellness this holiday season.