Does Dr. Tina accept insurance?  Dr Tina does not participate with any insurance companies. A superbill with appropriate insurance coding is provided after every formal consult. This can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement or application towards the deductible.

I would like to have a one-time consult with Dr Tina? You can sign up for the Initial Evaluation consult directly on the website. If you already are an established patient, you would select the Maintenance Meet-up consult

I am not familiar with the concierge doctor concept, can you explain? The 360-deg Concierge Platform is a comprehensive plan that includes extensive bloodwork panels and microbiome stool testing yearly + 2 formal virtual consults yearly + Patients have full access to Dr. Tina 24/7 for any questions or concerns. This plan can be for NEW or ESTABLISHED patients.  A patient anywhere in the US essentially has a virtual Functional MD in their back pocket.

Exactly what is included in the concierge extensive blood panel? All metabolic profiles, advanced lipid tests, hormone panels, thyroid panel, cardiac disease markers, genetic screening, Omega 3 & sterols, serum vitamin levels, and urine analysis.

Can I use my Flex health dollars or HSA to pay for visits? Yes, you can, and a medical Superbill will be provided to you.

How does the doctor order lab tests virtually? The doctor is able to order most basic blood work through one’s insurance. For the uninsured, Dr Tina has a network of affordable options.

How does one on the concierge plan go about getting their pre-paid testing? The doctor submits a requisition to the testing lab for your panels. They then provide an at-home blood draw OR a local lab where the blood can be drawn. For the stool testing, the lab will drop-ship the kit to you and instructions are included. You simply mail back the kit.

How do I know that the Concierge plan is for me? I can certainly understand one’s hesitation with signing on for a yearly plan without ever having met the doctor. You might want to consider starting with an Initial Evaluation (which is quite comprehensive) and get acquainted with the doctor, and then move onto the 360-deg. Concierge Plan thereafter.

Does it matter where I live, or can anyone become a patient regardless of location? Dr Tina sees folks in all 50 states. For folks living outside the USA, they can have consultations BUT they rarely have access to the testing profiles, supplements, and compounded medications that the Dr sometimes recommends.

Can Dr. Tina refill all of my prescriptions so that I don’t have to visit my primary MD as often? Dr. Tina will make that determination with each individual. Certain medication refills require in-office visits (such as heart and blood pressure medications). In that case, you would need to continue screenings as recommended by your primary doctor. Dr Tina will NOT refill or prescribe any Scheduled drugs (incl. Testosterone) for her Virtual patients.

My English in not very good, but I am very interested in an appointment with the doctor? Dr. Tina speaks fluent Spanish and Italian. For other languages, we recommend that you have a translator present during the video consult.

Can I get a refund on any of my services with Dr. Tina if I am not satisfied? There are no refunds for completed consultations. We have a cancellation policy that one should read at the time of booking. The Concierge plan is a one-year commitment, and can only be canceled before the initial visit with Dr Tina.