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It’s a New Year!

Time to work on a New You.

Start 2015 with a cleanse.

This cleanse is a detox program to help rid the body of accumulated toxins. We all acquire toxins and allergens throughout the course of a day, mostly from food sources. What better way to jump start your 2015 health or weight loss plan than with getting rid of the old and reintroducing whole, clean, and green foods into your body.

The Plan consists of an elimination diet, detox shakes twice daily, and supplements that support the detox process.

After registration, each participant will receive a copy of the 2 week diet plan, and ordering instructions for the supplements.

I chose the day after Super Bowl as our start time, so kiss those buffalo wings and hoagies goodbye as we venture into REAL FOOD.

Eventbrite - DETOX BOOT CAMP

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