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As most of you may know, I have been pretty vocal about the fact that my current health insurance plan will be terminated after December 31, 2013. I am really angry. I have had this plan for a very long time and I  like it. It fits in with what my concept of a healthcare plan should be (for me). This is a high deductible plan associated with an HSA that was created during Hilary Clinton’s stint as First Lady; and I think it to be brilliant.

For someone, like myself, a sole proprietor, who is essentially healthy, a low monthly premium with high deductible, basic coverage, no prescription or dental, works JUST FINE. I can put up to $3000 a year in an HSA account for future medical or deductible payments, so that I don’t have to beg or borrow during tough times brilliant. So, if I don’t have a problem with it, why does the government?

Obamacare was intended to create affordable insurance for the currently uninsured and poorly insured which represented about 15% of the nation’s population. Why is 85% of the population having to scramble to find new plans, or have their premiums and deductibles go through the roof. Hooray for the folks that now can afford a decent plan. Bad luck for the 85% of the people that carry this nation. Bad luck for small business owners that may have to drop full-time staff because they cant afford to carry the the cost of their insurance.  I work hard so that my family and so many others can have healthcare. I provide for myself, for those who can’t, and those who WON’T. I would like to think that the government would take better care of ME! Yes I do!!!

The package that was sold to the American people is NOT the package that is being delivered. That has me angry, very angry. I take it quite personally when I am lied to to like that. I believe President Ronald Reagan said something to the effect that the scariest thought is someone coming to you and saying “Hello, I am from the government,and I am here to help you”. I totally get it now.

Where are my colleagues throughout all of this mess? Where are the doctor’s voices? Why have we allowed this to progress to this point? Most of my colleagues in primary care have been forced out of their independent practices and have joined large groups. The cost of office maintenance, staff, billing, and malpractice have proved too much, especially since malpractice insurance remains high and Medicare and insurance payments continue to drop. So, if any of you think that your doctor is living large….those days are OVER!!

DOCTORS, Wake up!! There is no health industry without us. Why aren’t we running the show instead of the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry? I know, I know…its because we are so busy trying to keep up with our craft and our practices. I also think that we have lived in a comfort zone for so long, never realizing that we would all become employees. I predict that “Medical Professionals”  will become obsolete, and will be replaced with a new generation of book smart doctors that have learned a “punch in- punch out, I’m on my break” mentality right from the get go. Feeling sorry for the hundreds of med school graduates that will need to pay back super expensive loans. Oh, how come affordable medical school education isn’t a part of the Affordable Healthcare Act, as well as Liability reform?

SO here is the bottom line….tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for…IAM HEALTHY.  My heart and thoughts go to those who struggle with health issues, are in the middle of serious treatments, have established relationships with key doctors during critical times….and now have to find new insurance.

I have less than 20 days to find a new insurance plan. LOL. Looks like Dr. Tina may be paying the penalty for next year. Hmmm, maybe that’s not a bad option.

Watch the video of me below on The Huckabee Show discussing this issue.


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