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Fall has arrived! My favorite things this month include paleo snacks and paloe pet food, the perfect solution for kitchen storage containers, my favorite brand of coconut milk….and a little something to get you up and moving!

1. Biltong sticks by Biltong USA. Vegans, cover your eyes! These savory, perfect paleo snacks were introduced to me by Dr. Frank Lipman. Biltong is a lean meat that is salted and dried in strips. The Biltong Sticks, DroeWors as they are known in South Africa, are skinny sausages that are air dried and naturally seasoned. Here’s the best part….they are made with grass-fed beef. Our offices will certainly be stocked with these babies! Not too chewy, not too hard, not too soft, not too salty or sweet…just right for this baby bear.

 2. Canned Coconut Milk. I use Native Forest its thicker and creamier than Thai Kitchen brand. Unless I am using an entire can or half a can for cooking, I have lots left over. I open an entire can of which I use just a drop daily for my steamed lattes. Here is a cost saving move I just started doing. I pour the rest of the milk into ice cube trays and freeze. Now when I make a latte, I just pop out a cube. No waste!! Ok, since you asked, here is another one of my favorite smoothie recipes using coconut milk…. Strawberry Nut Smoothie.

 3. Snapware Total Solutions by Pyrex. If you haven’t made the switch from plastic to glass, NOW is the time! Snapware Total Solutions by Pyrex are the containers I use. Use them for storage (freezer safe), serving, cooking (microwave and oven safe). There is a lifetime warranty on the lids (NICE!!). Really, stop using the left over containers your Chinese food came in….they are not BPA free and were not meant to be heated over and over again. Glass storage containers is a small investment towards a non-toxic, sustainable, and environment friendly household.

 4. Paleo for Pets. If I wouldn’t give it to my children, why would I give it to my dog? I like Orijen Regional Red Dog Food.  My dog is a carnivore. Why should a dog food that lists cornmeal, soybean meal and corn syrup as the top 3 ingredients be his meal? Is the Orijen more expensive? Yes, it is. The cheaper stuff is just crap…that’s why its cheap.

5. All About that Bass. Now you may think that October for me is all about that food, when in reality it is ALL ABOUT THAT BASS! I’m hooked. I’m groovin in my car when it plays on the radio. Love the voice! Especially LOVE the message….she is bringing booty back! Ladies, in this month of breast cancer awareness, celebrate your booty, your boobs, your brain, and everything that you have!! You are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!


Let’s remember the sisters that have fought and won, fought and lost and continue to fight against breast cancer this month.

To all my groovy Girl Friends: Great breasts come with great responsibility! Be proactive. Decrease your toxic burden. Filter your water. Say NO to processed food. Spend your dollars on products made by companies that are committed to GREEN and NON-TOXIC.

Karen Pagano, I remember your fight and your spirit.  Always in my heart.

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