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1. My love affair with the Hudson River ignites every July when I can get out there in my kayak and spend a couple of hours just paddling. There is nothing like a sunset on the Hudson. The water is calm and life is good out there. For those interested in lessons or group paddles contact

2. RiverMarket Bar & Grill in Tarrytown, NY. I’m a big supporter of farm-to-table restaurants–even more so when the food is really  well prepared! This place supports local farmers of the Hudson Valley and only serves food that was raised naturally, humanely and sustainably. Fantastic chef, really good food, and a fabulous outdoor space with views of the Hudson make this my go to eatery this summer. Oh, the wine selection…NICE.

3. Fennel-Citrus-Arugula Salad:  This raw and refreshing salad will hit the spot on these hot summer days.

4. Orange is the new black….and this is my HOT color this summer. If you are looking for me, I’ll be wearing these…

5. I caught up on my recordings and watched The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2014. It was fantastic to hear this music of my younger years. Hall & Oates, E Street Band, Linda Ronstadt–and I knew every word of every song! The great highlight for me was Cat Stevens. I have his music on auto-loop, and will be tuning in for the summer. I love that he has remained so true to his spiritual journey, and the words of his songs. After the tragic loss of 3 young vibrant lives in Israel, I wish we would all take a mandatory Cat Stevens time-out, and a long ride on the PEACE TRAIN.



Be well, Tina

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