5 Favorite Things: Liv, Farmer’s Table, Hippocrates, Green Market…

Loving all things Florida this month.

  1. Tina Discepola MD at Liv Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, Florida. Welcome to my new satellite practice. Bringing the Art of Wellness and Functional Medicine to Palm Beach County. Come discover a core approach and solution to your chronic inflammatory conditions utilizing cyclic BioIdentical Hormone Replacement and IV vitamin therapy. Here is where I showcased  my DETOX Boot Camp for metabolic cleansing, weight loss, and overall wellness.
  2. Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton. This has become my go-to place for organic fare, grass fed beef, and pole caught fish. The
    burger wrapped in collard green leaf is my fave!
  3. Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. This is the Mecca of healing. This institute provides 3 week sessions that include raw, vegan, sprouted food, wheatgrass shots and green juice throughout the day, medical evaluation and treatments, and psychological support throughout the process. The motto here is, “The body will heal itself” when given the proper fuel and attention.
  4. I am absolutely loving the weekly Green Markets in the middle of winter. Tomorrow bright and early I head to the RedLeaf_LSWellington Green Market to meet up with Lois Spatz , who did the beautiful head shots for my website, TinaDiscepolaMD.com. I am shopping for green, sustainable ingredients for my Valentine Day dinner. Here I am sharing another of Lois’ masterpiece photos….from the Wellington Green Market last week.
  5. My Valentine dinner for six in sunny South Florida is all about the people and food I love. Braised beef short ribs with swiss chard.

My Valentine Dinner for 6 in sunny South Florida is all about the people and food I love. Braised Beef short ribs with swiss chard