Demystifying the World of Yogurt


The World of Yogurt

YOGURTAn odd blog post from someone who doesn’t care for dairy, but I felt it was important for the many that consume dairy in their diets.

The following yogurts are listed in “bad to good to better” order, according to Dr. Tina.

FROZEN YOGURT is made from regular yogurt. In its original state, it has live cultures. During the freezing process the probiotics die-off.
Taste: creamy, usually sweet
Nutrition: lower in calories and fat than regular ice cream
FYI: Good if you are looking for an occasional lower calorie, lower-fat frozen dairy product. Overall, still a no-no snack in my book!
Rating: 0 stars

REGULAR YOGURT is made by adding bacteria to pasteurized milk. The bacteria ferment the milk and produce lactic acid, which causes the milk protein to thicken and create a unique taste. Yogurt is then strained twice through cheesecloth, allowing the liquid whey to drain off.
Taste: creamy, slightly sour
Nutrition: High in protein and calcium. Many brands and flavors are loaded with sugar, especially yogurts marketed for tots.
FYI: Most traditional brands load up on so much sugar, GMOs, and preservatives so the probiotic effect is canceled out. Make sure to choose plain and add your own fresh fruit and raw nuts if you need sweetness and texture. I say “pass” unless you are in a pinch.
Rating: 1 star

GREEK YOGURT is strained 3 times so it has even less whey than regular yogurt. As a result it is thicker, than regular yogurt
Taste: tangy and less sweet
Nutrition: Less sugar (less carbs) and almost twice as much protein than regular yogurt
FYI: A smart substitute for sour cream and mayo in recipes. Available in most supermarkets, and a much healthier choice when it comes to selecting a yogurt. Always choose plain.
Rating: 3 stars

ICELANDIC YOGURT aka SKYR is made with skim milk only. Like Greek yogurt it is made with 3 times the amount of milk.
Taste: the creamiest of all the yogurts, tart 
Fat-free and delivers the same amount of protein as Greek yogurt
FYI: It’s technically a soft cheese and can be used in recipes as such, with the added benefit of live active cultures, which cheese doesn’t have!
Rating: 3 stars

KEFIR is a cultured milk product that is made with kefir grains (made from bacteria and yeast) or a powdered kefir starter. This is a great source of good bacteria that remain in the digestive system.
Taste: fizzy, light and foamy
nutrition: Slightly lower in protein and much lower in sugar than Greek yogurt, also higher in bacterial strains than other yogurts.
FYI: The yeast gives it a touch of natural carbonation. Can drink it with a straw so it makes a great snack for kids. This is my “bacteria for breakfast” choice when I feel the need.
Rating: 5 stars!

7 Short Steps to Perfect Kefir

It’s pretty clear that I love kefir and the power of cultured foods, even if it’s dairy. When choosing your dairy product, always choose organic, GMO-free, sugar-free, grass-fed sources, and local whenever possible.

Be well,

Dr. Tina

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