Dr. Tina believes that you deserve the very best care and results.
She’s here to partner with you to facilitate better health, for life.

Virtual Doctor Visits

No more wasting time in waiting rooms or spending less than 15 minutes with your doctor. Our virtual visits begin right on schedule and last anywhere between 60 - 90 minutes. All visits are conducted easily via the Zoom video conferencing platform so you and Dr. Tina will be able to see each other.

Personalized Testing

The best way to discover what’s really going on in your body is to conduct in-depth testing. Dr. Tina’s recommended tests are some of the most advanced in the medical industry and not usually offered by conventional primary care physicians. These include blood panels, hormone testing, and more and can be done from the convenience of your local lab.

Prescribed Therapies

Once Dr. Tina gathers the results of your testing, she will create a personalized plan that includes other healing modalities like acupuncture, vitamins and supplements, meditation, exercise, diet changes, medications, or lifestyle adjustments that will treat the unique needs of your body.

Nutritional Guidance

One of the most important pieces of Dr. Tina’s work is the incorporation of a plant-based diet. Fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, and she guides you in adding in more of the good stuff and reducing the bad. Your plan will include a custom nutrition plan that addresses inflammation and nutrient imbalances in the body. Dr. Tina is well-versed in myriad of diet plans

Choose Your Care Package

Initial 360-Degree Evaluation -- $899

  • 90-minute virtual visit to discuss your current health challenges and future goals
  • 30-minute followup virtual visit to discuss progress
  • Prescriptive therapies
  • Medication as needed
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Maintenance Meet-up -- $399

  • 60-minute virtual follow-up visit
  • Discuss health status, health changes, and new symptoms
  • Review of testing results
  • Recommendations for dietary plan
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Medical Management -- $499/month

For those with a complicated medical history or complex diagnosis that need an MD to coordinate care.


  • Initial 90-minute virtual session to review medical history and diagnosis
  • Monthly 30-minute sessions with patient to stay up to speed on state of health
  • Regular liaising with all medical practitioners involved
  • Coordination of care for single patient or family
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Available for On Site Care

Dr. Tina is available for short and long-term travel with families or individuals, tour travel, as well as private on site/on location care.

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