The Power of Protein

Protein Shake

My vegan protein shake is part of my daily routine. I use a variety of different brands, mostly all vegan. I do use PhysioWhey Powder by Physiologics because it is the only whey powder that doesn’t upset my stomach. Arbonne protein powder in vanilla is also one that I use often. It comes in individual packets that I can carry to work or the gym making it very convenient, so I just keep them in my car. I also use Vega protein mix and Bio-Pure Protein by Metagenics. I like them all, but the convenience of the Arbonne shake makes it a winner.

My morning shake is made with the following ingredients:

2 cups water
2 scoops of protein powder
1 scoop Arbonne’s Fiber Boost (which is pectin based soluble fiber…tasteless and effective)
1 scoop of Phytotality Greens Powder by Physiologics
1 scoop of D-ribose powder
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1 banana (sometimes berries also)
1/2 cup of oat bran powder or ground flax seed.

In the afternoon, I simply mix 2 scoops of protein powder with 1 cup of water in a shaker cup.

I get about 40 grams of protein in shakes daily. The rest of my protein needs are met through food (usually eggs, fish, beans, and peas).

I encourage everyone to lead low-carb lifestyles. These protein shakes are a safe and easy way to increase protein in the diet which are better calories for the body. They also help curb carb cravings. Our protein intake becomes more and more important as we age. Unfortunately, as people age they tend to increase their carb intake, not the protein.

Have fun mixing your shakes, there are loads of great recipes online. If you find one you love, share it here.

Happy Season of Thanks to ALL.


Dr. Tina

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