Declare Your Superpowers


Walking home from work yesterday I passed through the park. There was a small group of very young children running and playing —as they should!

The “leader” of the pack had a plastic sword in his hand and was proclaiming to the others what his superpowers were, and how those powers were going to help him win whatever game it was that they were playing.┬áHe could care less what the other kids thought of that. He was doing what kids do. It’s their birthright!

As I sat on the train ride home, I thought about young children validating out loud their superpowers. Why don’t adults do that? When did we stop doing that?

Maybe its time to start declaring our own individual powers on a daily basis…and remind ourselves that these powers will help us win the “game”. It’s our birthright!

I got off the train, put on my cape, pulled out my sword, dumped the kryptonite, and flew home.

Preach and Practice your Power …