Fully Dilated, and Ready To Push!

bw-tinaSo here I am, turning 50 next month, both kids out of the house, and all of sudden, I have TIME. I have time for me. Now I just have to remember who ME is.

I have all of this newfound freedom, so what do I do? Mamma decides to give birth to another creature. Because ME is someone who simply couldn’t wait to get on with the next adventure!

This website represents everything my life and practice has evolved to. Mother and Child are clean, green, (finally) uncluttered, purposeful, and ready to make a difference.

I want to thank the team at OutFirst Digital, responsible for making this happen.

outfirstdigital Ansley Fones, web designer, thank you for my new logo, and breathing life into the vision that I had for my site. It is simply divine.

Courtney Cruickshank, Project Manager aka Lead Doula, for taking me through the process and continuing to hold my hand postpartum.

Karen Mahmud, Social Media phenomenon for making me the most popular chick by keeping me Linked In, Tweeting nonstop, Google+’ed, and in everyone’s face.

Gary Spagnoli, SEO Master, making sure that I am number one!

You are all so good at what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

…and thank you ALL that continue to support me, that have liked, added and followed me, that believe in sustainable, clean, and green, that laugh often, that make a difference everyday

….and a very special thank you to those who know in their hearts that Love is the Answer.

Be Well,

Dr. Tina