5 Favorite Things: Yogi Tea, Untermyer Gardens, Split Pea Soup…

1. The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, in Yonkers. I always say that I am so blessed to live in the Hudson Valley. I enjoyed the quintessential September Sunday, and I spent it with my hiking shoes on soaking up the beauty and splendor at Untermyer Gardens. This magnificent land along the Hudson has some of the most impressive gardens I’ve ever seen. I beg everyone to check out their closest botanical garden and conservatory and enjoy the beauty on that next FABU-lous sunshine-y day.
OPI Coca Cola Red
2.  Coca Cola Red nail polish by OPI. Coca-Cola Red is a gorgeous bright red that I absolutely love. Everything about this polish is perfect for me.  I have tried about a zillion reds, but none of them are as dynamic as this. It truly matches red on Coca-Cola bottles (just don’t drink it!).

3. Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut by Yogi Tea. Move over Pumpkin spice latte there’s a tastier, cleaner and healthier kid in town. I look forward  this midday tea break everyday now. I foam some coconut milk into it, and I am in heaven (aka Tahiti).

split pea soup  4.  Split Pea Soup. The start of chilly nights and early September mornings prompted me to pull out my recipe. Vegan (before I throw in some finely chopped onion sautéed with pancetta!), yet chock full of protein and flavor. Perfect lunch option as we move into cooler weather.

5. Royal Purple Mascara by Arbonne. I LOVE IT!! All I’m gonna say is that Dr. D is throwing back to the 80’s with her deep violet eyelashes this September. I’m sure I will be working this hue all winter long!

Royal Purple Arbonne

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