5 Favorite Things: Genius Pads, GiddyUp & Go, Sweet Potatoes, True Detective…

product_notoriously-nutty1. Giddy Up & Go Granola by Thoughtful Food. When I stray from my grain free diet, I splurge on this really tasty, certified gluten free, vegan, organic, and dairy free granola. I eat it with homemade almond milk and fresh blackberries, or I use it as a topping on my sweet potato mash in the morning.

Genius pads by Arbonne. I outsmart my skin every day with these anti-aging pads. Twice a day leaves my skin glowing, soft, and smooth. Even my dark spots have lightened. I give the tops of my hands a swipe every night too! Can’t imagine a fifth decade of life without these pads. Check out this independent review.

3. Sweet Potatoes
This sweet bright garnet colored root veggie helps me start my day 3-4 times a week. A variety of colors, full of fiber, and chock full of anti-oxidant properties makes this an important part of my Paleo-esque lifestyle. I keep it simple (boiled or baked) and whole. No sweet potato chips or pasta  for me! Try this delicious recipe for Sweet Potato Mash.

Sweet Potatoes On Rough Weathered Wood Table

4. Adidas AdiZero Tempo 6 running shoes. I’ve been wearing these for 3 years straight for light runs and even cross training. They are super lightweight and have breathable mesh (so they never stink). My 50 year old feet need that heel cushioning, and my high arch relies on the mid-foot support. It comes in dynamite colors

5. True Detective on HBO. Each season is said to star two new detectives and the viewers follow these characters throughout the solving of a crime. I am totally hooked on this season’s story! It was art of Matthew McConnaughey (his acting blows me away) and Woody Harrelson that led me to it. Now it’s the dark intriguing drama that keeps me coming back for more. You know where to find me on a Sunday night!

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